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Reduce Your Pain

  • Work 1-on-1 with a doctorate trained physical therapist utilizing effective pain reducing tools including dry needling, cupping, soft tissue massage and more
  • Understand specific movement modifications to keep you active in the gym so you can do the things you live while respecting your pain and performance related goals
  • Receive the tools and knowledge necessary to begin managing the pain on your own so you can get back to the things you love
Omaha Physical Therapy


Address the Root Causes

  • Gain clarity around the root contributors around your pain after going through an extensive movement assessment
  • Begin an active approach to recovery, finding a safe entry to movement patterns that relate directly to your goals
  • Receive a continuously updated prescriptive exercise program specific to your pain and goals to keep you moving forward
Crossfit Physical Therapy in Omaha


Perform at Your Best

  • Address multiple performance deficits along the way to help tune up areas of improvement relating to your sport or activity
  • Gain knowledge of your body so that you can have the tools for healthy movement and mobility long term
  • Optimize your movement and see long term relief to help build resiliency and reach peak performance


About Me

Highly Rated Performance Physical Therapist in Omaha

Hey, my name is Dr. Vince Van Haute, and I’m the owner and founder of Forward Physical Therapy and Performance. I have worked with numerous athletes that participate in CrossFit, weightlifting, yoga, running and more after they’ve been told by multiple healthcare providers that they have to stop doing what they love. As a physical therapist and strength coach for 9+ years, it has been my mission to help active adults get out of pain and move better so that they can perform at their highest potential.

Dr. Vince Van Haute a Physical Therapist in Omaha

Dr. Vince Van Haute PT, DPT, CF-L1, CSCS

Owner & Founder

Vince was extremely approachable and made sure I was the main decision maker in my therapy.

I started seeing Vince for a wrist injury I had been dealing with for around 6 months. He was extremely approachable and made sure I was the main decision maker in my therapy. He asked me about my goals for therapy, how often I would commit to exercises (on my own) and when we should do follow-up.

After the initial consultation he uses an app (True Coach) that lists all the exercises (frequency and duration) specific to your recovery. Videos can be attached to demonstrate each movement. He is also great about following up with how the movements are going or if anything needs to be modified.

I had been to PT before (for other injuries) and hadn’t had success. The injuries continue to nag and usually they tell me to stop doing whatever aggravates the injury. Instead, Vince collaborated with me to get healthy so I could continue with my activities! I would recommend Vince to anyone who is looking for a physical therapy program. His goal is to get you healthy and back to your active lifestyle!

Jamie Jensen Omaha, Nebraska
Jamie Jensen doing crossfit exercises after successfully completing physical therapy in Omaha

Vince is a knowledgeable, collaborative therapist. In a few weeks, my pain decreased, range improved, and pull-ups returned.

“Vince is fantastic to work with. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, he listens and he is collaborative. I have felt like I am a partner in my journey to get better, not just a patient. When I first came to see Vince, I had pain in my shoulder every day, my range of motion was lessened, and I had lost the ability to do pullups. After working with Vince for just a few weeks, the discomfort has decreased, my range of motion has improved, and I got my pullups back. I would recommend Vince to any athlete looking to repair an injury or recover a performance deficit.”

Dan Atkinson Omaha, Nebraska
Dan Atkinson running a marathon

Vince understands the demands of CrossFit and provided effective exercises. My pain went from 7 to 1 within a week. Highly recommend!

I’ve been doing CrossFit for years now, a few months ago some elbow pain popped up and had just been dealing with it. Eventually it got to the point where I couldn’t do that anymore. Went to Vince and he was great! He does a lot of the same things I do so he understands the demand that it could take on the body and what things could help. My pain was at about a 7 or 8 for months, after visiting with Vince and doing some of the exercises he gave me, within a week the pain was down to a 1. He’s very knowledgeable about what he does and gives very actionable steps to deal with whatever might be ailing you. Holy recommend his services if you are in need!!

Jacob Larsen Omaha
Jacob Larsen doing a deadlift as part of physical therapy in Omaha, Nebraska

Vince thoroughly broke down every muscle to build my foundation back up.

I came to Vince for plantar fascia which stemmed from the calf, hamstring and hip after peeling back the layers. Vince actually sat down with me to get to really know what I was dealing with and how it affected me on the daily! He completely evaluated me head to toe to try and peel back the layers! Vince thoroughly broke down every muscle to build my foundation back up! I am back to running and continuing my work to build my foundation to be a stronger me! I highly recommend working with him- he is very professional- kind hearted- has an open door policy- and checks in with you during the week in between your visits to see how you are doing.

Laurie Joslin
Laurie Joslin

Seeing the quick progress was a great feeling.

I was doing running intervals when I felt a little something tweak on inside of my thigh. Turns out it was an issue stemming from my bunion, which irritated my adductor. The exercises Dr. Vince prescribed to me made total sense. There were two of them. They were not challenging at all, not even tedious. They were very easy, simple, and basic. And, as the pain lessened, the exercises progressed in a very linear way. After just four days, I was able to complete my exercises totally pain free. I started squatting at bodyweight just five days after later and deadlifting on day six. By day seven, I was rocking and rolling again in the gym! Seeing the quick progress was a great feeling then and I feel great now!

Stacie Tovar Omaha, Nebraska
Stacie Tovar

What We Believe

Man performing rehabilitation exercises at a crossfit gym in Omaha, Nebraska

An Active Lifestyle is a Happier Lifestyle.

We understand that you want to live an active lifestyle that is comfortable and capable. It can be frustrating to be stuck in the pain flare up loop. Things start to feel better, you push it in the gym, and the same pain returns. We help you break free from this cycle, better understand your body and work towards long-term relief.

Man giving thumbs up and running a marathon after completing physical therapy at Forward Omaha

Medication should be the final option.

We believe that you deserve a body that cultivates performance rather than frustration and limitation. Seeing countless providers with band-aid solutions can be exhausting. It is our mission to continue being the top choice for active adults who want to avoid surgery and unnecessary medications.

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