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Vince is a knowledgeable, collaborative therapist. In a few weeks, my pain decreased, range improved, and pull-ups returned.

“Vince is fantastic to work with. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, he listens and he is collaborative. I have felt like I am a partner in my journey to get better, not just a patient. When I first came to see Vince, I had pain in my shoulder every day, my range of motion was lessened, and I had lost the ability to do pullups. After working with Vince for just a few weeks, the discomfort has decreased, my range of motion has improved, and I got my pullups back. I would recommend Vince to any athlete looking to repair an injury or recover a performance deficit.”

Dan Atkinson Omaha, Nebraska
Dan Atkinson successfully running a marathon

Vince understands the demands of CrossFit and provided effective exercises. My pain went from 7 to 1 within a week. Highly recommend!

I’ve been doing CrossFit for years now, a few months ago some elbow pain popped up and had just been dealing with it. Eventually it got to the point where I couldn’t do that anymore. Went to Vince and he was great! He does a lot of the same things I do so he understands the demand that it could take on the body and what things could help. My pain was at about a 7 or 8 for months, after visiting with Vince and doing some of the exercises he gave me, within a week the pain was down to a 1. He’s very knowledgeable about what he does and gives very actionable steps to deal with whatever might be ailing you. Holy recommend his services if you are in need!!

Jacob Larsen Omaha
Jacob Larsen doing a deadlift as part of his physical therapy routine
Stacie Tovar

Seeing the quick progress was a great feeling.

I was doing running intervals when I felt a little something tweak on inside of my thigh. Turns out it was an issue stemming from my bunion, which irritated my adductor. The exercises Dr. Vince prescribed to me made total sense. There were two of them. They were not challenging at all, not even tedious. They were very easy, simple, and basic. And, as the pain lessened, the exercises progressed in a very linear way. After just four days, I was able to complete my exercises totally pain free. I started squatting at bodyweight just five days after later and deadlifting on day six. By day seven, I was rocking and rolling again in the gym! Seeing the quick progress was a great feeling then and I feel great now!

Stacie Tovar
Omaha, Nebraska

I started seeing Vince after spending months trying to get my calf back into running shape. I originally had injured it from over training for a marathon. From there I tried all sorts of stretching and rest to get it to stop hurting, with no progress. After seeing Vince, I was able to get the help I needed. I was able to express the issues I was having, show the correct exercises to improve, and a program to follow which has now given me back the ability to run again! We even were able to address some hip issues that had developed and correct them as well. Grateful for the time I spent with Vince and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a PT!

Cole Tanner
Cole Tanner playing offensive line
Laurie Joslin

My name is Laurie. I’m a stay-at-home mom who assists her husband on the daily with demos and bookwork in construction. I have been doing CrossFit for 8 years and completed 9 Spartan races. I came to Vince for plantar fascia which stemmed from the calf, hamstring and hip after peeling back the layers. I haven’t been able to run since February-that was 7 months ago! I have tried dry- needling the foot – Graston- amongst an array of others things from other providers. I have to say Vince actually sat down with me to get to really know what I was dealing with and how it affected me on the daily! He completely evaluated me head to toe to try and peel back the layers! Vince thoroughly broke down every muscle to build my foundation back up! He done his homework and all I had to do was trust the process and do mine. Let me tell you it has paid off and then some! I am back to running and continuing my work to build my foundation to be a stronger me! I highly recommend working with him- he is very professional- kind hearted- has an open door policy- and checks in with you during the week in between your visits to see how you are doing. Very involved in your healing process! All I can say is that Vince truly puts you first and that is hard to find these Days. A Thank You is just not Enough! Laurie Joslin

Laurie Joslin

A physical therapist that understands how the combination of your high intensity training correlates to what ails you is a rare find! Not only does Vince understand training and therapy but he’s there working right along with with you! The attention to detail with which Vince operates is second to none! I started working with Vince due to a lack of mobility as well as fear of completing certain movements after recovering from a complete radial tear of the meniscus in my right knee. I had completed the meniscus surgery in April of 2022, and worked on recovery for quite a few months with a different PT that the surgeon had recommended. Ultimately I discontinued that therapy due to feeling as though it was no longer providing any benefit. As I had been working out along side Vince and in conversation with him about some of the areas I was really struggling with he had recommended that his approach might provide the result that I had been looking for as it would be more customized to the type of training that we were doing everyday! I have been so happy with all of the recommendations and therapy that he has suggested and worked on with me as it has done just that, provided a positive results and ability to properly complete movements I was before too scared to attempt! If you have any issues in your training life, have a conversation with Vince, I can assure you, you’ll be happy that you did!

Thomas Raetz
Thomas Raetz and son enjoying a football game after completing physical therapy in Omaha
Nick Reiss

Vince Van Haute is one of the most innovative Physical Therapist I have had the pleasure to work with and employ. I have been a Physical Therapist for 23 years and a clinical instructor for the same amount of time. Working beside Vince as a colleague, employer, and student I knew he was different than any other professional I have ever worked with. Being a Physical Therapist requires you to have a depth of knowledge about human anatomy and physiology. I have worked with plenty of brilliant Therapist who know all the answers to your scientific questions. Vince however, has that and something more, creativity with innovative answers and the ability to read the individual.If you are looking for treatment and education about how to find the long-term fix to your pain or loss of function, Vince will work tirelessly to come up with a plan. He is changing the way we approach healthcare, and dedicated to helping you find answers without pharmaceuticals or surgery.

Nick Reiss

Highly recommend Dr. Vince at Forward Physical Therapy & Performance! Had knee and shoulder issues and after a few sessions last fall, I was able to ski 6 hours a day for 4 straight days. Working out, I’ve been able to do all the shoulder movements without pain and my mobility has improved significantly.

Kurt Dudycha
Kurt Dudycha weightlifting as part of Forward Physical Therapy and Performance